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About BobaLust

BobaLust is the journey and that craving for the perfect bubble tea, where strong tea flavors and technique intersect with a SoCal style boba and genuine hospitality. Concentrating on the simplicity of being sincere and thoughtful, BobaLust is a “neighborhood spot” focusing on the important things: freshly brewed tea through advanced extraction methods, consistently chewy and flavorful honey boba, SoCal style feel with open concrete and an upbeat vibe.

Our Tea Extractors

BobaLust Tea House specializes in advance tea extraction methods that brew the most flavorful and fragrant tea. Along with brewing fresh tea in every cup at BobaLust, we also specialize in different combinations of flavors with our real fruit syrups in our signature drinks.

BL Warm Honey Boba

BobaLust Tea House’s warm honey Boba is cooked to perfection, then kept warm to absorb all the flavors of BL’s secret honey syrup. Just like our teas, we constantly make the Boba fresh so you’re always getting the perfect texture.

our socal style

what is a socal sytle?
  • clean and upbeat environment
  • good music
  • fresh tea
  • hot honey boba
  • bomb bubble tea

Our promise to you

bobalust always has your back. we want your drinks to be perfect. if there's ever a time you are unhappy about your drinks or need a modification, please let us know right away. we would be more than happy to remake your drink or make you a new one altogether!
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